Despre Noi SC OANA ANDI SERV SRL was founded in 2013, with code CAEN 1414 – Manufacture of underwear by Ms. Ciuraru Ancuta.
Internal policy development company, provides provision of services and works in the production of underwear, in accordance with quality requirements set by national regulations and European standards in the context of good pricing policies, by offering a the lowest possible price acceptable to beneficiaries.
This project is intended to be implemented through the financial aid requested is part of a plan of development of society ie we thought it would be appropriate to extend the activities by modernizing the workplace to increase motivation and accountability among employees by equipping with advanced machinery to increase productivity, reduce losses and an efficient organization of work.
Company revenues will be made from wood for underwear by various clients, mostly individuals but also for companies in the field of activity.
Services contracted by the company will be executed with professionalism and responsibility, so there will be occasions penalty or not received them by beneficiaries.

despre2The vision of the company is following slogan: we want all women to be able to express the individuality of women. We want to create clothes for modern and confident women who want to dress her personal taste and style, always staying luxurious, feminine and fashionable.
Business vision is the need of communication and transmission of messages accompanied by feelings, trust, devotion, those who feel the need for reception in certain contexts of relationship, friendship, remembrance and love. Our success is based on the satisfaction and success of our beneficiaries, our customer-oriented attitude is essential. We know and we will learn the value of our business partners and work for our mutual success. We will provide continuity in an environment so dynamic and so competitive.
The employee “key” of the company is represented by Ms. Ciuraru Ancuta, by Ciuraru Ancuta studies in the School of Graduated School of Food Industry Group-Specialty Fetesti Contabil- Statician allowed the right approach and effective learning situations with that I may experience as a director of a company.

In a world where technology and innovation touch every aspect of our lives everyday, we together with prospective partners and associates of the company we meet our customers’ needs expertly, we will always be a provider of leading solutions and quality in designer fashion, aspiring to become the most admired company in our industry. It makes us to be the first choice for customers and employees.

S.C. ANDI OANA SERV SRL was established in order to provide legal persons such companies but also individuals can buy underwear, quality of a place with a special atmosphere and prices competitive.Astfel decision was taken purchase specific equipment, ie embroidery machines through the project succeeded in producing quality and fashionable clothing. The clothes are small series, competitive prices and seek new premanent. Factors that will contribute to the purpose are quality products, their variety, reasonable price, fast service and kindness and serviabilitatea employees.